polyhedral halcy @halcy

did I break the streaming api

but apparently sometimes it just hangs

I knew you shouldn't do multi-thread access to sqlite DBs on nfs but single-thread, I had thought, is fine

@lazyreader what an exciting colormap

@woodrad like 10 bucks a month and I could probably get away with the 5 bucks one, there's not that many users

#introductions hi! I'm halcy! I pay the bills for . I'm also a PhD student at the University of Bremen and do research into user interfaces based on electromyography and machine learning, especially into silent speech. Time off, I do demoscene stuff with good demogroup SVatG (LOOK AT OUR GOOD PRODUCTIONS ON ), and play too many video games a lot forever.

@TrollDecker this is the plot of several anime shows but the demons all have the anime tity

I'm so glad that I can forget Simone Giertz name and just google "shitty robot woman" and google delivers the name

@dotUser it's not Simone Giertz level but

@dotUser I.... want this thing On the list of "shitty robotics" sits, an actual product.

just sample at a higher rate bro you don't really need that kind of rolloff

I tried designing a higher than third order filter once, it went poorly

@jk not part of the requirements: ripple-freeness, sanity



file server is down and consequently nobody can do fuck all